Ceramic printing, by yourself

New Ceramics 3D Printer

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Today 3DCeram is sharing its know-how and proposes CERAMAKER:

  • A 3D printing unit dedicated to ceramics
  • Assistance and support so that they can acquire the necessary know-how to produce parts independently

This 3D printing solution suits to manufacturers of ceramic parts, integrators or end-users of ceramic parts, players in the luxury industry, biomedical or more generally in the industry.

Ceramic Additive Manufacturing: a unic 3D printing technology

processCAM production is based on laser stereolithography applied to ceramics. It uses an innovative ceramic paste developed for printing by 3DCeram.

CAM process

  1. Creation : sketch of the part to produce
  2. CAS file creation and file conversion to STL format.
  3. Computerizd slicing of the part to be manufactured into layers, inclusion of the printer parameters (trajectory of the laser, energy density …) and production layer by layer.
  4. Debinding and cintering
  5. Finishing operations