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A unique technology to manufacture ceramic parts by 3D printing

CERAMAKER is a 3DCeram trademark, 3DCeram brings together a combination of expert skills that is unparalleled in the fields of materials and processes dedicated to ceramic material and 3D printing of ceramixp arts.

3DCeram has developed a comprehensive offer to assist and support its customers:

  • Help in choosing the type of ceramic,
  • Support during the preparation of specifications and development of the CAD file for the creation of a part,
  • Production of the part as a one-off or a small production run.

Today 3DCeram is sharing its know-how and offers its customers a 3D printing unit dedicated to ceramics as well as assistance and support to help them to acquire the necessary know-how to produce parts independently.


Ceramic 3D printing independently

  • Stay in control of the confidentiality of their project by monitoring the entire production chain.
  • Get your first parts (model) in a very short space of time and approve the design
  • Produisez dans un temps très court vos premières pièces (maquette) et validez leur conception
  • Verify the feasibility of their project (testing a functional prototype)
  • Test out a new market without having to take the risk of investing in expensive equipment
  • Start mass production

This 3D printing solution is dedicated to both ceramic manufacturers an integrators or users of ceramic pieces parts, players in the luxury industry, biomedical or more generally in the industry.


Parts manufactured with CERAMAKER 3D printers are characterised by high precision production, an extraordinary level of detail, a perfect finish and a complex architecture that only 3D printing makes it possible to produce.

The printed parts have exactly the same properties as parts manufactured by injection or by pressing. They can be used either as a prototype or as a final part in the context of unit production and short series.

3DCeram developed a wide range of ceramic pastes sold in cartridges. The company is developing new formulations to create new colors or respond to specific specifications.