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Software suite and equipment for high quality 3D printings


CERAMAKER printer is delivered with related equipment and software suite selected to make the most of the possibilities offered by ceramic 3D printing.

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Software suite

Its composition can be tailored according to the type of software you already have.

  • CAM software
  • Design of supports, part meshing, control of STL files, orientation of the part and automatic creation of supports, anamorphosis, preparation of the tank, duplication of parts to be manufactured and positioning of parts on the plate.

Cleaning hood

This booth, combined with various pieces of equipment and tools, enables you to simply remove unpolymerised paste.


Oven and refractory supports: according to your knowledge of ceramic firing technologies or your existing equipment, 3DCeram offers an oven and refractory supports or, depending on your preference, can give advice on buying an oven suitable for your needs.