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CERAMAKER 3D printers: easy and powerful


3DCeram has developed and manufactured CERAMAKER 3D printer based on its experience of the production of ceramic parts by 3D printing.

Since 2005, the company has been using CAM technology for the production of prototypes, one-off parts and small runs.

Getting an unrivalled printing quality

  • For better homogeneity when fired
  • For higher density of the fired material
  • For better resistance of the finished part
  • For more precise control of dimensional changes of the part during firing


Ceramaker-3-106Based on technical information provided by 3DCeram when delivering the ceramic paste, the CAD file of the part to be produced is resized according to the shrinkage rate during sintering.

The CAD file of the part is then reworked automatically by software to cut the piece into slices, each slice corresponding to a layer that will be printed and cured.

The printing struts are created automatically to optimize the speed and quality of printing.





The ceramic paste, a mixing of photosensitive monomer/oligomer loaded with ceramic particles, is spread over a work plan in layers (25 to 100 microns thickness). Each layer is cured by a UV laser that also sticks it to the previous one. The process repeats until obtaining the final part.

The use of laser can provide a steady and constant power for perfect curing, ensuring the best homogeneity of raw material as possible.