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Ceramic Additive Manufacturing : a unic laser 3D printing technology


CAM technology is based on the upstream studies on laser stereolithography applied to ceramics conducted by Thierry Chartier ​​in 1998 at SPCTS (Science of Ceramic Processes and Surface Treatments) in Limoges.

This work of research has been transferred to 3DCeram that further developed both the process and the ceramic paste to industrialize this technology and use it to penetrate various markets.

The type of ceramic developed for the process makes the specificty of this printing technology: a photosensitive resin mixed with ceramic particles. This mix, in the form of paste, is polymerized in the laser printing process.

The CAM 3D printing technology developed by 3DCeram is suitable for high quality production: from the CAD file to the final object, all steps of the process are covered to produce one part or short series, without minimum threshold amount and without breaking the digital channel.



  1. Creation : sketch of the part to produce
  2. CAS file creation and file conversion to STL format.
  3. Computerizd slicing of the part to be manufactured into layers, inclusion of the printer parameters (trajectory of the laser, energy density …) and production layer by layer.
  4. Debinding and cintering
  5. Finishing operations